The Restaurant Experience. Just Better.  

Pre-sign up now. Launch is January 2020 in Utah.

Enjoy The New Way of Dining Order when you want See reviews on menu items Get service when and how you want it Never flag down a waiter And, never wait for a bill again

How Server Works

Easy. Simple. And all done on your phone.

  • Browse Restaurants
  • Pick Your Spot
  • Invite Your Guests 
  • Arrive at Restaurant
  • Order Your Meal
  • Request Service
  • Pay The Bill

Server App Features

Search Restaurant Search & choose from popular restaurants in Los Angeles.

Reservations & Invites Make a reservation or just show up, but be sure to invite your guests.

Order Your Meal Browse the menu to order drinks, appetizers, entrees & desserts. Order before or at the restaurant. 

Request Service Need more napkins? A to-go box? Just tap a button and have your service delievered. No more flagging down waiters.

Pay For The Bill Use Credit Card, Apple Pay or Google Pay - you are charged when you order. Get up & leave when you are done. Never wait for a bill.

Reviews Don't know what to get? Each menu item on Server has real customer reviews, helping you know the best items at each restaurant. 

What The Users Are Saying...

“Faster and Easier, also less money in tips. Honestly, I wish every restaurant used this app.” 

 Chris O.

“It was really convenient and easy to use. I love the reviews on each food item. It's like Amazon.” 

 Lexy K.

“I don't need to awkwardly flag down a waiter. I don't need to wait for a check and no tipping. Love it.” 

 Nathaniel M.